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January 29th, 2013


I went through my packing list for the thousandth time this week and thought I had it all down pat. Then I started, you know, reading.


A lot of the things we take for granted in the US, I’m going to have to live without. For starters, it’s apparently a good idea to bring a flashlight. When was the last time you brought one of those to a hotel? But yea, apparently in India, it’s common for hotels (of the kind I will be staying in, anyways — the $10/night kind) to turn the power off at night to save energy. Or money. Probably the latter.

I was already planning on bringing a mosquito net, but wanted to make note of an article mentioning the author once had to use thirty feet of string to put his up in his room. So, enter roll of string.

Living in the US, my cell phone is my only alarm clock. I know few people who do it differently. And if you forget your cell phone, the hotel usually has an alarm clock. And if it’s not set for daylight savings, they have a wake-up call service. Right?


Not in India.


Towels for the shower.

Sandals for the shower.

And all the food I eat has to be hot. But apparently most hotels will deliver food to your room for a small tip — Rs 20, or about $0.40. So that’s good.


Six days!

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