Bicycle Seminar No. 1

February 18th, 2013

Country/Day:      India/13

Bikes Fixed:                  20

Bikes/Day Avg:               1.54


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been busy! But hey, it’s still only been five days since my latest post, so don’t complain too much. Also, I have at least one or two more coming up.

Anyways, I taught my first seminar for Firefox Bikes on last Saturday. I think it went really well. I accidently showed up an hour early (I had meant to be only a half hour early) so was able to explore the area a bit, which was great – I’m always trying to see more of India.


After wandering I showed up with 20 minutes to spare — spent mingling and getting to know the shop owner, mechanics, etc. At start (11:00) there were only three people there (of the scheduled 11-15), but we got started anyways, with introductions, “What do you use your bicycle for?” and “What do you want to learn?” As we got going a bit more people trickled in and by lunch there were 10, I think (the perfect number: as many as possible but not so many that people can’t see, can’t ask questions, or don’t feel like they are a part of the experience).

Since we had all of three days notice, and it was the first seminar, there was no written agenda. I just tried to do a basic overview of how bicycles work, and then talked about things that might need to be adjusted, and how to adjust them. I tried not to go too in depth (overhauls, hub adjusts) so managed to cover everything I wanted too, and was able to answer all the questions in the 2u1/2 hour seminar. The only downside is that because there was no agenda, it was a little haphazard, but we still covered everything and there were still a lot of satisfied audience members (right? I know some of you are reading this – comment form is below!).


It was nice to do some teaching instead of just fixing and building bikes. I look forward to doing more. And right now, I’m lying in bed (it’s rainy today), taking a much needed break and enjoying being in India.

I might post again later today but at the latest will post again tomorrow. Always plenty to share.

Thanks to Viju V. for the photos and graphic!


3 thoughts on “Bicycle Seminar No. 1

  1. Grandma says:

    Your seminar sounded great! I would have liked to be a mouse in the corner to see all that went on. You look like you fit right in, your hair is the right color but your skin should be a bit darker!! Enjoy your day of leisure.

  2. Jenna says:

    Looks like we have another doctor in the family 😉

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