Budget Changes

March 22nd, 2013

Country/Day:        India/45

Bikes Fixed:                  65

Bikes/Day Avg:               1.44

I’ve changed the budget a bit and in light of the whole “completely open and honest” thing I thought some details might be warranted.

The short: For logistical reasons, I am only able to spend about 70 days in Zambia. So I’m not going to ask for $$ to pay for the 20 days I won’t be there.  I will still be attempting to fix 90 bikes in that time. I’ll have to average 1.3 bikes a day which, given my current average, should be no problem.

The long: Spending 90 days in Zambia would have me arriving home on November 23rd. I start work at Epic on December 2nd, so that means I’d have 9 days to…

– Debrief: Unpack, unwind, final blog posts, last round of thank yous, etc.

– Overcome 7 hours of jet lag

– Catch up with friends

– Celebrate Thanksgiving

– Tie up loose ends at home

– Move to Madison, including finding a place to stay, packing, moving, unpacking, etc.

Basically, I’m taking the liberty of some personal time after 250 days of bicycle repair and before starting the rest of my life.

– – –

Since I’m now only $300 (instead of $800) away from my goal I thought it would be a good time to detail what happens if I go over budget.

Basically, there are some obligatory expenses to this project that I haven’t included in the cost of airfare, room, and board. These include cost of visas, cost of tools, and cost of preventative vaccinations (different than the budgeted insurance, which is primarily for trip protection and medical evacuation if necessary). I’ve made a detailed list at the bottom of the budget page.

I expect nothing beyond the now $8000 budget, but know that these are necessary costs, and that I am currently paying them out of pocket. Either way, I appreciate your support!

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