Computer Woes: Mostly Solved

March 19th, 2013


Hopefully I will be able to post twice today. This first one is just an update on the computer situation; if there is a second, it will be about the trip I recently took.


So as we took off from Delhi headed for Chennai, the first of five cities to visit in the next week and a half, I decided to get some work done. I opened up my computer, turned it on, and double-clicked a few things. A word processor, some Java coding software… nothing special (it is a netbook, after all). A few load screens came up, and then… nothing happened. I tried moving the mouse, but it quickly seized. I am patient fellow, so I waited five minutes or so before trying the three-finger salute one last time, and then doing a hard shut down.

I turned the power switch, got the load screen for the motherboard, and then the following:


Subsequent boots performed no better.

I can’t thank Viju (my traveling companion) enough for being supportive in the matter. Immediately after checking into the hotel we took a rickshaw to the nearest Toshiba service center and had them take a look at it. The tech did everything I did, including removal and a visual examination of the hard drive, then told me a few things I already knew, like “Your hard drive has crashed and you need a new one,” then quoted me INR 5000 ($100) for a new hard drive.

I paid $170 for the thing so politely declined. Also, he wanted to chuck the old hard drive. I’m not convinced he wasn’t just presenting the most profitable option.

Anyways, I managed to use Viju’s various iDevices and a few hotel computers to update once or twice on the trip, but now I’m home, I wanted to figure out a more permanent solution. Prabhat’s co-worker, Kailash, is loaning me a spare laptop for the remainder of my stay, for which I am incredibly grateful. Three shouts for Kailash! Hip-hip, hurrah! Hip-hip, hurrah! Hip-hip, hurrah!

Yes, I went there.


Anyways, Kailash also “knows people” and thinks there’s hope for my hard drive yet. We’ll see what happens. At the worst, I lose all the photos taken before the trip, but I have a computer until I’m stateside again, and I buy a new one before leaving for Guatemala. At best, I get my netbook back just the way it was. Win some, lose some. Fingers crossed.

Alright, now down to business… let’s talk about the trip.

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