India (but not Guatemala) Update

June 20th, 2012

Those of you with a keen eye will notice there have been some changes to the project lately. Namely, I’ve reduced the budget to $8500, and Guatemala has been moved to the end. So when I say “I have enough for India!!!” I mean that the funds for Guatemala are being put towards India.

I’m still going to Guatemala, of course, just at a different time than I was originally planning. It’s going to be better for my host organization, and better for me — for various reasons. These “various” reasons include having time to apply for graduate school, realizing that I can’t bike across the country in just two months, and wanting to be home for the holidays. I hope to have all my graduate school applications in by the time I leave for India. I’m biking from Tacoma, WA to Minneapolis, MN starting mid-August. I was originally going to have to be home by November 1st, when I left for Guatemala. I certainly could bike across the country in two and a half months, but let’s face it — I’m going to want time to stop and smell the roses.

So the short of this post is:

– This project is awesome

– I’m leaving for India on February 1st

All for now! $4,000, here I come!


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