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A week already! Oh, man. I had meant to blog again after just a few days, but got caught up in, you know, being home. Going for bike rides, spending time with family and friends — the usual. Oh, and I had to change my bike from snow tires to road tires, so I haven’t been entirely exempt from bike repair.

But mostly I went for bike rides.

It will, again, be bittersweet to leave. BUT! — that’s not why I’m here. Not to talk about how good it is to be home. No! This is all about India. Well, sort of. It’s about having finished India! (I will post again about Guatemala before I leave).

So, here we go:

Days Spent: 89

Inoperable bikes that I fixed by myself or did at least 90% of the work for: 115

Bikes Per Day: 1.29

Total bikes I did something to (but that were mostly operable or that I didn’t do the majority of the work for): 338

Seminars Taught: 9

Mechanics Trained: 143

(Large-ish) Cities Visited in India: 10

I could say other things like “Unique Experiences Had,” but I’m not sure how to count those (“a lot?”), and I’m sure any posts at the end of the entire project will be appropriately… er… nostalgic. Plus, this is supposed to be a little more technical than the other post I made.

– – –

Okay, one last thing — the most important thing — before I go eat the egg souffle baking in the oven… and have some sausage… and… er, the list goes on, so I’ll just stop there. Thank yous!

I could not have gone to India without the support of some very generous people, so some thank yous are in order.┬áThese are the people who contributed the first $3300 — that is, the people that funded India!


Freesia C.

Luke S.

Marilyn C.

Sue C.

Bill B.

Martin J.

Jim W.

Andrew L.

Jenna C.

Greg E.

Paul W.

Alan T.

Arta C.

Kirstin H.

Graham R.

Rand W.

Laura W.

Bernie B.

Miriam C.

John N.

Abigail T.

Mike S.

Carl T.

Greta A.

Ian G.

Diane B.

Robert I.

Bill L.

Diana F.

Margie D.

Will M.

Ron B.

James B.

Courtney, AKA girl at the bike ship whose brake I fixed

Jim E.

Thank you!!!

I bet India thanks you too, but I can only speak for myself. I hope this blog has ratified your donation, and stay tuned — there’s lots more to come!

Stay tuned for info on my next adventure: Guatemala!

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  1. Jenna says:

    Yaaaaaaay! Onto part 2!

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