Logistics, Logistics

January 24th, 2013


I leave for India in eleven days!

— and arrive there in thirteen days. To make it even more confusing, I only travel for twenty-two hours. Yes, only… twenty-two hours. I leave on Monday, February 4th, at 7:25 PM, and arrive 22 hours later in New Dehli on Monday, February 6th, at 3:20 AM. That information is all correct. Put it in your bucket and think about it.

Anyways, that’s just the start the logistics. Jetlag. Clothes. Tools. Recreation. Currency. Medicine.

…okay, it’s not that bad.


I’ve never had jetlag before, so there’s really not too much I can do in anticipation. Also, I feel like most jetlag is a problem because most trips only last a few days or a week — I should be over my jetlag by at least part way through my trip, right? So, I’m not too worried about it, but I will probably start staying up later and later… fortnuately, it’s easier to go later than it is to go earlier. I kind of get to pick, since New Dehli is 11u1/2 hours ahead.

Clothes. Basically I’m going to pack everything else first, and then include what clothes I can. I’m not too worried here, most of my summer clothes are dispensible, and it’s summer all the time in India, so I don’t have to bring a fancy winter coat or anything. As well, the US isn’t the only country with clothing stores, so whatever I can’t fit, I can buy. Mostly though, I just don’t think I’ll need that much.

Tools. I just got a bike shop in the mail. Now I have to fit it into my suitcase. Fun times (note: this includes a 15″ adjustable wrench).

Recreation. I’m bringing my accordion, but most of the music I own is in lesson books from the 1960s — hard to come by nowadays. I’m going to make copies of my favorite songs and bring those, instead of my books. After all, books are the most precious thing we own… let’s not bring them on vacation with us. I’m of course bringing a laptop as well — how else could I update my readers? And yes, a US-to-India plug adapter is in the mail.

Currency. I was about to go exchange currency at Travelex when I found out it’s illegal for non-Indian citizens to bring Indian Rupees (INR) across the border. Since I have a ride from the airport, I won’t have to pay the exchange rate at the arrival terminal in India, but I will have to get currency while I’m there somehow. Also, the exchange rate on my credit card is only about 3%, so I’m okay with that. It’s not Discover (which is free), but at least buying 3% less stuff is pretty easy. And anyways, Travelex charges 15%.

Medicine. Did I mention I get to be on anti-malarials the whole time I’m there? I got to choose between doxycycline and mefloquine. Mefloquine’s brand name is Lariam, and if you’ve heard the stories, you already know I chose doxycycline. Aside from that I figure I’ll just need some antibiotic and some band-aids… fixing bikes is tough business.


So — with one suitcase, one backpack, and an accordion case, think I can do it? So do I.

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