The Sickness Prevails

September 22nd, 2013

Country/Day: Zambia/28

Bikes Fixed: 19

Bikes/Day Avg: 0.68


Hello everyone! Yes, I’m alive, and fixing bikes. I hope to get my ratio up to 1:1 at the least, if not 3:2, which would be 90 bikes in the 60 days that I’m here.


I’m afraid, however, that this must be a short blog post. I’ve been staying at the Zambikes’ guest house, which has limited and expensive internet. I was planning on going back to my aunt’s this weekend to use her internet, but that didn’t quite work out.


Additionally, I’m sick. It’s not too bad – I’m not throwing up or anything – I think I just had too much nshima a few days ago, and my stomach is complaining. It’s probably partly that I’m not used to it, but mostly, I imagine, it’s dehydration. See, nshima digests slowly, and absorbs water quickly. This is great if you’re out in the field, as if you get hungry, you just drink some water and the nshima will grow in your stomach and make you feel full again. If you’re like me though, you ate a lot of nshima, and you need a lot of water to keep from feeling dehydrated. But if the nshima expands anymore, your stomach will explode. So I’ve been unable to eat or drink very much without feeling sick – and as a result, I’ve been dehydrated, etc.


Sure is complicated.


In any case, I’ve been trying to take it easy. There has been plenty happening, and I hope to have a more substantial update within a few days (by tomorrow, if possible). For now, this will have to suffice… and now I’m going to sleep some more.

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