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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


So first off, thanks to my wonderful sister Laura for posting in my absence. Computer trouble indeed.

I’m currently typing from a computer in my hotel in Pune, the second-to-last city on the trip. When I get back, I should be able to either fix my computer, or find a loaner from someone… and then I will have lots of updating to do. Since I can’t really do things properly at the moment, I’ll just do a quick synopsis of how things are going —


– Left almost a week ago and the first thing that happened (aside from the armed security guards, “Expect the unexpected,” and a few other things… okay, aside from a lot of other things, which I’ll post more about later) was that my computer broke. Hence this situation.

– Made it safely to Chennai. Chennai is hot. There are mosquitoes. And beaches. We had the day off after the flight, so we went to a beach. There will be photos later. The next day I taught the first seminar of the trip to about 42 mechanics. There were language barriers, but we made it happen. Also, I’m really glad I brought my own tools, because the shop where I was doing the seminar was… er… shall we say, not in the best supply. For instance, I wanted to hold up bottles of chain lube while talking about the different kinds, but they didn’t have any. No chain lube. In a bike shop.

(again, I’m trying not to type too much, so I can update properly (and with photos) when I figure out the computer thing. Also, the computer here is not very well set up, and my wrist is starting to hurt)

– Flew out to Bangalore the next day and met my sister’s boyfriend’s parents for the weekend. Promptly got sick and spent all day Saturday vomiting and sleep (sorry, it’s true). Sunday I lazed around, choosing recovery over risk, because Monday I taught again in Bangalore, to about 12 mechanics. Afterwords, we went to a local shop (not the one I taught at) Bums on the Saddle, which is the shop responsible for getting Viju (the feller traveling with me) into cycling. The guys over there know their stuff, and they are incredibly passionate about cycling. It was inspiring at the least.

– Flew to Goa the next morning and upon getting off the plane, had to teach another seminar. The local shop was too small so we talk in the dining room of a nearby hotel owned by the same feller who owned the hotel. There were 6 mechanics — so, up close and personal (just the way I like it), but small reach. More later. Spent the evening on a beach in Goa. Oh year.

– Spent the morning exploring Goa and flew to Pune, where I’m posting from. Tomorrow will be another seminar to 22 or so and a bus to Mumbai, where we have Friday off and plenty on our to-do list. On Saturday I teach again to about 16, then fly home (t0 Delhi) late, collapsing in bed around midnight. Sunday will be “fix my computer” day and hopefully I can at least start the process of catching up on blogging before work on Monday.


Okay, my wrist hurts. Kdog, out.

2 thoughts on “Update When You Can

  1. Jenna says:

    So great to see a post! Glad the trip is going well and totally jealous of your beach time!! Can’t wait for more.

    And seriously? No lube?!?!

  2. Grandma says:

    Caleb said they don’t have chain lube stuff in Africa either so be prepared.

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